The impact of declining nokia market

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Reliance Jio's impact on Airtel, Vodafone, Idea: Ind-Ra report -

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May 23,  · Recently, Nokia announced that it had signed a strategic agreement with a newly formed Finland based company called HMD to create Nokia- branded mobile phones and tablets for the next ten years.

Gartner analyst Todd Kort said in a statement that smart phones will have a negative impact on the low-end PDA market, "as many individual users will find the PIM and e-mail capabilities of smart. Nokia retained its lead in the Chinese smart phone market, though echoing a picture seen around the world, it lost significant ground.

Its share declined from 75% in Q3 to 28% in Q3 ‘Nokia has several tough quarters still ahead of it, even in its traditionally strong markets in. “Nokia’s announced return to the smartphone and tablet markets will not be an easy mission,” said Mr.

Gupta. “In today’s market it takes much more than a well-known brand to sell devices. Making good hardware won’t be an issue for Nokia, but users need a compelling reason to remain loyal to. Nokia’s smartphone share in its mobile phone mix has been declining and currently stands at around 15% while smartphone makes around 30% of the total handset market.

The declining sales revenue of the telecom players will have an adverse impact on government revenue collection in the form of spectrum usage charges and licence fee in the current financial year, parliament was informed recently.

The impact of declining nokia market
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Reliance Jio's impact on Airtel, Vodafone, Idea: Ind-Ra report | ET Telecom