Social marketing exam revision

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Witten by this AS sociology revision guide will prove to be an indispensable aid to your exam preparation. Covering the Family, Education and Research Methods the booklet provides you with detailed revision notes, numerous questions and answers as well as a glossary and index.

While the college also saw % pass rates across numerous CAM modules, including Digital Marketing Planning, PR, Integrated Media as well as Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring.

This was the first assessment board for students studying the new Marketing Leadership Programme. The responsible business marketing block looked at sustainability, green marketing, and Fair Trade. I really enjoyed this block, and would actually consider working in the field. I’m planning on using this blog to store my exam revision notes for B Theory is set firmly in context for students through extendedcases and extensive use of international examples, including interactive advertising on Snapchat, social media marketing by Maybelline in China, and culturally-reflective advertising by IKEA and McCain.

B324 – Marketing with a twist! Social marketing exam revision
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