Recommendations on indian capital market reforms

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Regulatory measures of SEBI for Primary Market reforms in India

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An important measure regarding capital market reforms is the setting up of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as the regulator of equity market in India. ADVERTISEMENTS: Regulation of stock markets is important to ensure.

Reforms in Indian Capital Markets Ever since the Indian economy was l beralized in the early ‘90s, India has seen a tremendous growth of its capital markets with close to 5, Initial Public Offerings.

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Recent Indian Capital Market Reforms are: The Indian capital market, which has a long history spanning over years, is currently passing through the most radical phase. Although the Indian capital market witnessed some significant changes during the eighties, both the primary and the secondary.

Introduction. The national debt stands at $ trillion and recommendations on how to curtail it will surely be a key topic in the elections. Primary Market Reforms in India – SEBI Guidelines SEBI has introduced various guidelines as regulatory measures for capital issues.

They are as below: 1. Disclosure of All Material Facts is made Compulsory: SEBI has made it compulsory for companies do disclose all the facts and risk factors regarding the projects undertaken by the company.

Recommendations on indian capital market reforms
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GST-Goods and Services Tax technical research PAPER