Question on hospitality and tourism marketing

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Overseas Marketing

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Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant (Co-op)

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Hospitality & Tourism Management Internship Program. Required work and internship experiences assure Hospitality & Tourism Management majors become acquainted with the nuances of real-world hospitality industry environments.

1. Introduction. The tourism and hospitality industry is a key driver of the global economy creating million jobs and contributing $ trillion (World Travel and Tourism Council, ).This equates to % of the world’s GDP and sees 1 in 10 jobs being tourism and hospitality related (World Travel and Tourism Council, ).In Australia, the hotel industry is worth $14 billion annually.

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“If you put the effort in, there is no doubt you will come out of the program as a competitive candidate for any job in the tourism industry.” - Megan, Hospitality and Tourism Management Graduate. About College: The YWCA, New Delhi working at the local level was affiliated to the National YWCA movement in It aims to bring together women and young girls regardless of caste, creed, race, nationality or social and economic status through a variety of services.

Question on hospitality and tourism marketing
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