My story for his glory

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Hope different: Step into the story of His glory

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The day before Writing they let us time that the surgery had been told down for now that week. Down from His glory Ever living story My God and Savior came And Jesus was His name Born in a manger To His own a stranger A Man of sorrows, tears and agony.

My Story His Glory Books. 66 likes. This page is for my new book, "My Story His Glory". The book is an inspirational faith-based book to encourage. His Glory narrates the inspiring life saga of the Rev. Havard S. Cooper, a Bahamian who has risen from humble beginnings in Grand Bahama to become a highly.

The form MY STORY, HIS GLORY will help you tell us your story and give God glory.

My Story, His Glory

Katie shares her beautiful journey of how Father restored & redeemed her marriage & covenant love with her husband. From Miscarriage to Hope { My Story for His Glory } 3 Couples share their journeys and testimonies of walking through miscarriage to hope with God. In my last post I mentioned that we were created with a purpose and that purpose is to bear fruit, but this time I want to be more specific.

God is very personal, he individually calls us to do great things and when you’re doing these great things it’s called Walking in your purpose. We rolled out of camp bunk beds early that Saturday for our date with God’s glory.

The air was brisk, but the sun greeted us with a promise of warmth. I joined my friends at the starting line for the Shadow of the Giants trail race. “Three, two, one, go!” the race director bellowed, his voice echoing through the forest. And we were off.

My story for his glory
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