Muslim death rites

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Transition Rituals

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Islamic Rituals for the Dying and Deceased Most followers of Islam practice special rituals for preparing the dying and the deceased.


The Talqeen is performed for those who are dying to ensure they are spiritually ready for the journey into death. Aug 23,  · The Islamic faith have a unique set of beliefs towards death and dying.

This can be seen in their practices and attitudes towards funerals. This article will talk about some of /5(34). Muslim funeral rites. When a Muslim is dying, they try to say the last words (pbuh - Peace be upon him) of the prophet of Allah [Allah: The Islamic name for God in the Arabic language], Muhammad.

After Death Rituals It cannot be buried in non-Muslim graveyard unless a portion of that graveyard has been specifically reserved for Muslims. If that does not exist, the body should be sent to a Muslim country for burial.

In case that is not possible. Muslim funeral rites.

Islamic funeral

When a Muslim is dying, they try to say the last words (pbuh - Peace be upon him) of the prophet of Allah [Allah: The Islamic name for God in the Arabic language], Muhammad. Funerals in Islam (called Janazah in Arabic) follow fairly specific rites, though they are subject to regional interpretation and variation in all cases, however, sharia (Islamic religious law) calls for burial of the body as soon as possible, preceded by a simple ritual involving bathing and shrouding the body, followed by salah (prayer).

Burial is usually within 24 hours of death.

Muslim death rites
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