Markets uk potable water industry 2014

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Water Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

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Storm Water Drainage

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Some of the contaminants found in the line could pose health risks if consumed over a large period of time. industrial PENSTOCKS Ltd together with other companies in the group offer a comprehensive service of supply and support to customers within the water, waste water, power, petrochemical and process of both the UK and overseas markets.

industrial PENSTOCKS manufactures and supplies in accordance with ISO quality management systems. Storm Water Drainage. Municipalities and commercial developments across the country benefit from the economical and long-term performance of ADS corrugated polyethylene pipe for storm water.

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World Population Awareness

UK water suppliers place the highest priority on assuring the quality of water provided to their customers. Strict standards for the quality of the UK public supply are laid down in national regulations derived from the EU Drinking Water Directive. Sustainability case studies. We recognise that the single-minded pursuit of economic growth is not a sustainable approach to business.

We believe that long-term profitability should go hand in hand with upholding and promoting the rights and welfare of our people and communities, as well as safeguarding our natural resources.

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Markets uk potable water industry 2014
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