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The closure of this book is great. The marketing component for this short course includes topics such as the marketing concepts, marketing and business relationships, creating a marketing plan, branding, consumer behaviour, digital marketing, strategic marketing, services, advertising and marketing research.

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Required General Coursework (27 hours): It is one of the primary functions for both manufacturing and service businesses, and works closely with marketing, finance and accounting, engineering and other functions to develop strategic and business plans, and in implementing those plans.

Objectives include the production of high-quality. Learn how to develop, implement, and measure a winning marketing strategy using today's tools and platforms. Our marketing courses help you master traditional marketing skills and the latest digital tools and techniques—learn everything from branding and public relations to SEO, PPC, web analytics, and social media marketing.

For marketing techniques that can work in both good times and bad, attend AMA's marketing courses. Our marketing seminars led by marketing experts will help you optimize your marketing communications strategy and product development process not only to compete but win!

Probably the biggest growth in the electronic cigarette industry now () would be that of more advanced devices such as vape pens and tank systems where users get into a more DIY approach, filling their own e-liquid, and even rebuilding or modding their device. Why study Marketing Major (BCom) You will interact with industry while you study as many units focus on real clients.

The Curtin Marketing Association, a student group, will help you build social, academic and industry-based relationships and skills.

Marketing coursework
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