Marketing case studies 2014

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The Ultimate Marketing Case Study Template

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Influencer Marketing Case Study: EPICLIST

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2014 case studies

Optum realigned a lead nurturing campaign with an eBook as the hub. Share The Ultimate Marketing Case Study Template via email The marketing case study is one of the oldest and most venerable examples of content marketing.

From Oprah touting how Weight Watchers has worked for her, to American Express endorsing SalesForce, case studies are prevalent across industries and marketing forms. Practical Case Studies, Research and Training for Marketers MarketingSherpa is a research institute specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing.

We are not an agency, consultancy or other vendor seeking your business. Content Marketing has long been a staple for the B2B Marketing world with an increased boost in popularity due to changes in consumer information.

12 B2B Content Marketing Examples and Case Studies for Lee Odden B2B Marketing, Content Marketing Content Marketing has long been a staple for the B2B Marketing world with an increased boost in popularity due to changes in consumer information discovery and consumption.

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12 B2B Content Marketing Examples and Case Studies for 2014

"The Best of Global Digital Marketing: The Storybook" showcases 30 recent award-winning digital marketing case studies from different sectors across the world. Each case study contains exclusive interviews with the creators as well as expert opinions.

Eiger Marketing Group concepts, produces and executes events, marketing partnerships and hospitality experiences.

Marketing case studies 2014
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