Kevlar aramid fiber

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kevlar aramid fiber

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Lightweight, Flexible, and Strong Kevlar® Rope and Cables


3.B Other Aramid Fiber Two types of Aramid are manufactured outside of the United States. Two types of aramids, meta-aramid (e.g., Nomex®) and para-aramid (e.g., Kevlar®) are made. Both types of aramid fibers are lightweight and provide extremely high strength.

Both types of aramid fibers are lightweight and provide extremely high strength. Carbon Fiber/Blue Kevlar Fabric/Cloth 50" 3k oz 2x2 Twill. The material is a hybrid of carbon fiber and Kevlar.

This fabric has a width of. Aramid fiber is the generic name of a group of synthetic fibers. The fibers offer a set of properties which make them particularly useful in armor, clothing and a wide range of other applications. The most commonly known commercial brand is Kevlar™, but there others such as Twaron™ and Nomex.

Using a hybrid carbon/spectra can provide improved impact resistance and strength over a carbon/KEVLAR® hybrid. Hybrid Fabrics Fabrics containing both carbon fiber and KEVLAR® in.

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