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Jamba Juice Raises the Bar

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Jamba Juice: Background - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Juice Bar Marketing Plan & ideas – A Sample Template

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Jamba Juice Swot And C’s Analysis

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California-based Jamba Juice (Jamba) was a quick-service restaurant focused on healthy food and beverages. The case traces the company's growth into an international brand and its continuous losses since It details the turnaround efforts taken under the Blend Plan by CEO James White to help the company recover from losses.

The case examines Jamba’s new business model based on. Hired to establish a Consumer Goods Licensing program for the Jamba Juice brand to expand consumer touch points and generate an incremental revenue stream.

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Jamba Juice Juices Up Its Budget for Promotion Calif.-based Jamba Juice was one of the country’s rising chains in the mid-’90s with a very parochial marketing plan—most marketing. Jamba Juice case Analysis Jamba Juice case study: The Jamba Juice company at the time it was founded was known as the Juice Club.

Five years later, it was renamed Jamba Juice in The company was initially a made to order smoothie company.

Strategic Plan: Jamba Juice

However, it had very different plans for the future. Its plan was aggressive expansion. Jamba had. Jamba Juice clearly has the market f or healthy smoothies in Rexburg, Idaho. Jamba Juice is part of a successful, national, franch ise and has its brand, idea, and quality smoothies well known throughou t the.

Jamba juice marketing plan
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