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Nudie blushes at misleading claims

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Sample List of Clients –International. 6 • nudie is positioned in the ‘super premium’ juice category.

Juice in Australia

Nudie products are distributed to + outlets throughout Australia • nudie’s marketing objectives are to raise awareness, enhance brand equity, drive sales. Therefore, in creating a marketing campaign for Boost Juice Singapore, the vibrancy and overtness of the campaign can be toned down to exclude loud store music, active and flashy street marketing tactics, like how it is played out in Australia in the promotion of Boost Juice products.

An Australian company that sells fruit juice uses Smiley effectively in their product marketing. The drink and the character are called "Nudie" because "it sounds kind of cute, and it was one of the few names that wasn’t already registered as a fruit juice trade mark.".

Dodo Juice and Supernatural are brands owned and administrated by Dodo Juice Ltd, Unit 10 Golds Business Park, Jenkins Drive, Elsenham, Essex CM22 6JX, UK. Dodo Juice Ltd is a limited company registered in the UK, number Nudie is now selling a variety of new juice and yoghurt flavours in supermarkets.

The new flavours include the following: Nudie Water – Water with added fruit or vegetable juice (4 – 10 per cent of the beverage).Nudie Water is sold in ml bottles and is available in orange and lemon, cucumber and mint and raspberry flavours.

International Marketing Nudie Juice. Definition of MarketThe market Nudie will be competing in can be examined on three levels; the first outer level can be defined as the food and consumer staples market, the second is the beverage market and finally.

Nudie & Soda tackles the ‘nasty’ soft drink category with 50% fruit juice new products International marketing nudie juice
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