Case studies in marketing

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Marketing Case Studies

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5 outstanding Facebook marketing case studies

NASS is a niche brand with a great impact on Bahrain’s economy. Many companies are slow to adopt marketing automation, which can be partly due to their lack of confidence its effectiveness. Here's 5 case studies that's convince you that marketing automation is the right choice, once and for all.

B2B marketing, Content marketing, Digital marketing, Social media marketing, Social media strategy Do you read social media marketing case studies for inspiration? It’s always a good idea to benchmark against your competitors or pinch ideas from them, but it’s also worth looking at success stories from the biggest brands out there.

An effective case study starts with a great interview. These five tips will help you ask relevant questions and elicit answers that build persuasive case studies. Top 28 Marketing Case Studies For #Smallbiz. Image courtesy of digitalart / Content marketers need to be empathetic, detail-oriented, and tech-savvy.

However, agility may be the most important attribute of all. Percolate is the leading Content Marketing Platform for the world’s largest and fastest growing brands.

Not Sold On Marketing Automation? Here Are 5 Case Studies That Will Change Your Mind!

Percolate offers solutions to manage marketing operations, from strategy and planning through development and execution.

Case studies in marketing
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