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Anagene Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Anagene Inc Case Solution

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Anagene Inc

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Anagene Inc Case Solution

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Why do we have fluctuating gross margins?

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Case Solution & Analysis for Anagene, Inc. by Robert S. Kaplan, Christina Darwall is available at best price. Contact us at buycasesolutions (AT) gmail (dot) com. An entrepreneurial, publicly traded biotech company has begun production and sales of its core product--cartridges that permit DNA samples to be analyzed on a microchip.

In the early quarters, sales are difficult to forecast and the company has experienced fluctuating production volumes and unpredictable gross margins, which has upset the board of. If Anagene continues to use budgeted manufacturing volume when determine the cost, Anagene might have a risk to run into the death spiral as Youngstown (dropping unprofitable product until nothing is profitable).

Anagene's use of a volatile budgeted volume as the denominator volume leads to varying allocated fixed overhead costs (Exhibit A). Assigning budgeted volume to fixed overhead costs causes gross margin to fluctuate (in this case decrease) in the long run.

If Anagene continues to use budgeted manufacturing volume when determine the cost, Anagene might have a risk to run into the death spiral as Youngstown (dropping unprofitable product until nothing is.

ANagene Case study Ans 1) Anagene allocated overhead costs to standard product costs using a budgeted/forecasted volume. But the volume of cartridges sold kept fluctuating each month but Anagene did not change the budgeted rate based upon the volume sold.

Anagene case
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